Frequently Asked Questions

Can my group stay in the dorms?

While we love to host guests, we have limited capacity in our on-campus housing. We also have hundreds of college students who live in these rooms. We're glad that several local hotels have agreed to offer you special discounts. Click here ( for more information.

Can I get the early bird discount for my group if I register one person from my church?

The Early Bird Discount is available to those who complete their registration early. All you need to do to receive this special offer is register (including payment) before March 15. The discount applies to individuals and not entire groups, so register and pay for as many delegates as possible before the deadline hits.

How does WCBC assign seats?

To help improve your experience, WCBC has changed how seats will be assigned this year and moving forward. It's pretty simple. All seats will be assigned by group based on the priority of the when the first person registered. All you have to do is fully register (including payment) a single person to lock in your entire group's priority for seating. Two days before the conference, we will assign one seat to every registered (including payment) delegate from your church. We cannot guarantee that anyone who registers fewer than forty-eight hours before the conference will be able to sit with their church.

One of our young people is a current WCBC student. Can they sit with us?

We're delighted when our students from your church are able to chaperone and serve your group. However, because of our limited capacity, WCBC students may only be assigned seats with your group if 1) they are a sibling of someone who is attending, 2) they are a member of your church, or 3) they are acting as a registered sponsor for your group.